My name is Tiare Vincent and I am the founder and owner of Choose Mountains. I have hiked since I was a little girl and lived a colorful life that was not always a positive one. I got sober five years ago once my partying lifestyle had hit it's bottom...I had no idea how to live a life that wasn't revolved around drinking. I thought I'd have nothing to do and my life would be meaningless...that is when I made a shift. A HUGE ONE. I got sober and started hiking like every chance I got. Hike after hike, my life got better. I began to see life as a boundless vessel of possibility and everything got better and more beautiful. I thought: wow, the mountains are changing my life, it's impossible for me to be the only one who feels this way, and I was right...

I created Choose Mountains because when life got unbearable, this was my choice, and I am grateful to choose this every single day. I now think it's best to share this with others and find out their stories. What makes YOU #choosemountains ? I know that life is better when shared, so let's create a community, and an awareness of the importance of getting outside.