Atlanta, Georgia


Cedrick Cooper is the energetic one. He is the one guy blaring loud music at 5 in the morning even though he only got 3 hours of sleep the night before. Cedrick was raised in Lithonia Georgia just outside of Atlanta. He played football for the Lithonia High School Bulldogs and later received a full scholarship to play for The University  of South Carolina. After playing four unforgettable seasons under Steve Spurrier, Cedrick graduated with his bachelors and moved back to Atlanta. His occupation is within Sales, an industry that he admires because it allows him to share his colorful personality. Majority of Cedrick's hobbies include reading, working out, hiking (obviously), meeting new people & motivating those around him. Cedrick developed a love for the outdoors after going through a difficult time within is life. He was invited to hike one weekend to "clear his mind" and gained an infrangible connection with nature. Nowadays if you don't see Cedrick in the gym, talking to random people at the park, reading or giving motivating advice to a friend in need, chances are he is on a mountain somewhere without phone service.

"What makes me choose mountains is the feeling I get when I’m looking off a cliff. When it comes to nature, there’s no requirements, there isn’t a certain status you need to have to be accepted by Mother Nature. You are your own self when you take in a nice deep breath and breath in all of earths beautiful scenery. The mountains helped me get through a very hard time in my life and for that I am forever a lover of the outdoors."


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