Mackenzie demkowicz

Hi loves! My name is Mackenzie and I am a born and raised Mainer, still living in the pine tree state and loving it! If you asked my friends to describe me in the past I'm pretty sure "outdoorsy" would not be a word they would use. I was always involved in athletics, but was probably more girly and clumsy to be thought of as a good hiking partner.

My first time out hiking in college I was brought to hike Katahdin, the highest peak in Maine. It was cloudy the whole way up and I had no clue what I was in for. After reaching the peak and starting the trek across knifes edge the clouds finally parted and I was amazed at how high we were and loved the feeling of accomplishment. 

After college I started recruiting some close girl friends to go adventuring with me. I love how those trips would allow me to disconnect from the world of social media and let me catch up with good friends. After a while I finally felt comfortable enough to take a solo road trip. I drove around for 10 days camping and hiking along the way. While I love hiking with friends it was refreshing and empowering to have the peaks all to myself, enjoy some alone time and reflect on what makes me happy. 

I got into yoga to help recovery from a hip injury and I started combining that with my hikes for some more interesting photos at the top. Currently Iā€™m checking off the 4000 footers in the whites and you can find me twisted in some pose at the top!

I choose mountains because no matter how much I hike I am still always amazed by the mountains and just in awe of the views as much as I was the first time I hiked Katahdin. I love the sense of accomplishment and the peace of being outdoors.


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